About A Life with Art



Most people do not know how to buy art, but what they don’t realize is that it is based primarily on psychological and financial barriers. They have fear and doubt because most beginners feel helpless about choosing good art “intelligently”. They don’t trust themselves because they feel they don’t have the knowledge or the skills as compared to scholars, critics and highly educated experts. And nobody wants to look like an amateur, impulsive, buying whatever and anywhere, even art without the best quality and at a high price tag. Sometimes they buy “art” that was made by a machine, which is not the same as owning original art.

A life with art will help  you define your style and the types of art that attract you the most and will then match and present you with artists and their work that fits your profile. Knowing thyself, what you like and your unique taste is the first step toward finding meaningful art. The more detail you provide in your profile questionnaire the better to start this process.

A life with art will help you select specific works of art from a personalized pool of options. We will select the best original works of art that fit your profile. Our extensive network of establish artists guarantees you will have meaningful variety to choose from.

A life with art will help you research and dive deeper into your short list of original art pieces. We will provide you with corresponding background information and meaningful content about each work of art and very importantly, about the artist behind them. We will send you the artists’ bio and track record of their career, including projects, exhibits, and any other pertinent information.

A life with art will assist you in the purchase of art by giving you the best price and monthly installments for you to be able to begin enjoying within a short period of time the quality and original art you desire.

A life with art will help you define, select, research and purchase original art at fair prices.

One of A life with art's main goal is to promote artists as a result bolster their communities by help them to promote, exhibit and connect with new markets.


Choose your work of Art. If you can’t decide, fill out a profile form and get a curator to advise you.

Step 2

Use our simple credit card form to select your payment plan. For instance, 6 monthly payments of $150.

Step 3

We’ll immediately ship you a print and you’ll receive your original piece once installments are completed.