Yoandy Gonzalez



Artist Yoandy Gonzalez is able to transmit throughout his work the reality of his native Cuba, the richness of its landscapes and its nature, as well as his very particular way of seeing the world. With his fine brushstrokes, he’s able to provoke multiple feelings to his viewers, inviting them to submerge themselves in the canvas and discover how each and every small detail is capable of completing such a work of art. His hyperrealist works reflect the attractiveness he finds in shining colors and bursts of light. He specializes in the depiction of female bodies, landscapes and still life paintings. It is important to distinguish the meticulousness and care for detail that makes each of his pieces impeccable. Yoandy Gonzalez Llano, over many years of traversing the continent has been able to become a true Virtuoso of his profession. Large portions of his work can be found in private collections throughout Europe and Latin America and housed at renowned galleries in Mexico and the United States.



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