Luisa Fabre Solloa

Luisa Fabre Solloa had been painting since she was a little girl, at age 20 she stopped for 15 years but returned to painting again. She has been taking art lesson in many places like Universidad Iberoamericana, Laguna Gloria, MoMA, and with painters like Benilde Gonzales and Eileen Pestorious.
Luisa Solloa had been exhibiting her paintings in places like McAllen Texas, and here in Auatin at Laura’s Library in three occasions. Some of her work is currently exhibited in Viviendo con Arte (digital platform) and also at the virtual students catalogue at the Modern Museum of Art (MoMA) in New York. She also has a Mural in East Austin area. She had been donating some of her paintings to nonprofit organizations like Amigas de Saint Louise House for five years to help raise money and recently another Frida to the Mexican Consulate in Austin.


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