Karim Estefan



Karim Estefan The artist's belief is that rationality and literality eliminates the mysticism of the human mind and distances him or her from human nature. His work has great depth, both psychological and spiritual, and with the use of icons, archetypes, metaphors and leitmotivs, is able to shape the spectator's own interpretation.

Karim Estefan is, in chronological order, an Artist, a Reader and a Photographer.

He studied several Fine Arts disciplines in Bogotá (Colombia). After graduating from college he learned how to take pictures by assisting other professionals in the field. He has worked in advertisement, with several magazines and editorial houses, event and wedding photography, food photography, although he invests the majority of his time in his artistic work, building and taking pictures of images for exhibition. His works have been published in several books in Colombia and Latin America, and also in local and international magazines.



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