Gustavo Moller



Mexican-born sculptor, engraver, and painter Gustavo Moller has truly created an art born out of the unstable chemistry between light and darkness. The dry, coarse textures provide a medium in which he is able to harness the alarming strength of individual colors and by which he is able to bring meaning to a once empty paper. The shadowy figures that work their way in and through of his intense textures are the bearers of visceral emotions and form the imagery that gives each of his works, the artistic meaning. His style bears ties both to Expressionist and to action painting schools, his style is largely unique, so much so that the gesture nature of his graphic process creates a unique and entirely world of color in harmony. And now with abstract art, he balances the lines and colors like a symphony. In only a few years, his artistic corpus has made a deep impact on the Mexican fine art scene. Numerous solo and groups exhibitions have been met with unqualified praise, and Moller‘s work has been decorated with many Awards including the prestigious Fiorino D‘Oro from the XVI Premio Firenze 1998 in Florence, Italy. And in October 2004 Winner of Mini Print Internacional de Cadaqués in Barcelona, Spain. He continues to gain respect and notoriety as a unique and uncompromising artist as his work‘s showplace expands around the globe. Hi brings to us his personal art collection.



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