Alex Lazard




My work sets off to find itself in the process of its making. There are Figurative references in my art work. I am interested in representing themes that come from life itself, but I seek to find its ¨core¨ by distorting the image, and fantasizing it´s result. There is something very straight foreword about the way I work. Ive worked upon the ¨Rupture¨ (Mexican artistic) style, That was introduced in México after the Great Muralist époque. I continuously work in Gilberto Aceves Navarro´s atelier, in México City. A new way of freedom had been found to approach the arts. I believe that my pieces hold their strength on its own, and perhaps, borderline between Nativity and restlessness. This ¨Rupture¨ style has influenced me on the way I work, and it´s freedom to be applied in composition and color use. Both my prints and paintings are created within my own judgements, and perceptions, and may well be the¨logbook¨of my life. I use many layers in my painting, and use vibrant colors that resemble My Mexican inheritance. I consider my artwork to be very personal, but never the less, it is made with the intentions to forge an individual experience with the spectator. My artwork tell stories that people can relate to. A deep introspection and phosphoric colors, combine both tedious artisanship with aggressive paint strokes or lines made in metal plates. I believe that an image has power to communicate that which we cannot pronounce. The intrinsic relation and experience of creating my pictures, permit the public to take a glimpse into my emotions, and further more, into their own.



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